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Collapsable Grenade Water Bottle: Fire Water in the Hole!

 |  |  |  |  December 3, 2021

By hite

Because who doesn’t want to draw a bunch of unwanted attention to themselves when they’re just trying to stay hydrated, this is a collapsable silicone water bottle available on Amazon (affiliate link) that looks like a grenade when completely collapsed, and much less like one when it’s not. Interesting.

Available in red or grey and four different styles of camouflage to suit your particular special ops needs (including red/white for ice-lava warfare), the bottle holds approximately 20 oz. expanded, and 8 oz. collapsed. So it doesn’t carry a ton of water, but you don’t need a ton of water anyways, otherwise, you’ll have to pee in the middle of your mission and blow your cover. Get to the chopper!

The craziest part about this is I don’t think they intended for the product to look like a grenade, since there’s not a single mention of its shape in the entire product description, which is wild because that’s totally a grenade. I mean it even comes in camouflage colors! Despite my wife’s insistence that I am, I can’t be the only one losing my mind over this.

[via The Awesomer]