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Chia-Saurus Rex: Grow Your Own Dinosaur

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | December 14, 2021

You can never own too many Chia Pets – just ask my aunt. I’m pretty sure she owns every single one ever made. Granted most of the plants have long since died and they’re all just bald terracotta figurines now, but that doesn’t stop her from proudly displaying them all. And while not it’s not from the official Chia Pet brand, I bet this $22 Chia-Saurus Rex Planter from FireBox would be a welcome addition to her collection.

The Chia-Saurus Rex comes with everything you need to grow yourself a t-rex with a bushy green bodysuit in just one to two weeks. That’s fast! For reference, I’ve been waiting 40 years to be able to grow a mustache. God willing, 41 will finally be the year.

The company encourages you to harvest the chia sprouts after they’ve grown a bit, then add them to a salad, soup, or sandwiches to add a little tang. Then buy some more chia seeds from the grocery store and grow your edible dinosaur coat all over again. The fun never ends! I mean, provided this is what you consider fun. Otherwise, the fun never began at all.