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These Electric Guitar Scissors Are Ready for Shredding

 |  |  |  |  |  December 19, 2021

By hite

Are you an electric guitar player? Do you like cutting things? Well, for those of you who answered an emphatic ‘yes’ to both, there are the Seki Sound electric guitar scissors. Made by Nikken Cutlery in Seki, Gifu prefecture, Japan (an area known for its history of forging samurai swords), they’re the perfect scissors to display in the office supply caddy on your desk to let everyone know you’d rather be jamming.

The scissors, already fully funded on Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake, feature a plastic headstock that doubles as a safety cap to prevent accidental stabbings and a display stand similar to an actual electric guitar. Available in black, red, blue, and white, I can’t wait to smash a pair on stage while the audience grows increasingly confused and begins to demand their money back.

Now all you need is a drum set tape dispenser, bass guitar stapler, and a synthesizer paperclip organizer, and you’ve got yourself a whole office supply band! I think I’m going to name mine the ‘The Part Timers’ or ‘Cubicle Cowboys’ and perform daily during my lunch break, much to the annoyance of all my coworkers.

[via JapanToday]