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LEGO Mega Factory Builds a Log Cabin Out of Cucumbers

 |  |  |  |  |  December 28, 2021

By hite

Move over, gingerbread houses, because this LEGO Mega Factory built by YouTuber The Brick Wall is capable of constructing an entire log cabin out of cucumbers, which will henceforth be known as a cuke cabin. The massive LEGO factory took 83 days of planning and construction, and consists of 23,000+ pieces, 21 motors, and 7 controllers, and has a footprint of 64″x 44″ x 22″. Obviously, it’s a little more complicated than the minifig I just assembled with two heads for legs.

In the video, the LEGO factory cuts 18 cucumbers to size, mills the vegetables, cuts notches for stacking, cuts cucumbers for doors and windows and roofing planks, then assembles the entire home, complete with drilling holes and securing draft pins (wooden skewers) to keep the logs in place. It then builds a fence and playground around the home. It probably goes without saying, but that cabin is even nicer than my current apartment.

And I thought assembling any LEGO set without dozens of extra pieces was an accomplishment, meanwhile, this guy went and build a whole automated cucumber cabin factory! Now he just needs to build a LEGO factory that can build LEGO cucumber cabin building factories, and this project will finally meet its logical conclusion.