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Desktop Hand Massager for Gamers: Keep Your Trigger Finger Nimble

 |  |  |  |  |  January 4, 2022

By hite

It’s important to keep your hands at peak performance for gaming sessions, otherwise, you might misclick and kill a teammate instead of an enemy. Trust me – it happens, and I’ve been kicked out my fair share of guilds and clans to prove it. So to help alleviate muscle strain and fatigue, Japanese gaming furniture manufacturer Bauhutte has released the cleverly named Hand Massager, a desktop hand massager to keep your hands at optimal gaming readiness.

Available from Amazon Japan, the Hand Massager features fifteen individual air cushions “to remove fatigue and weariness from the palm and each finger one by one.” It has the option to massage your entire hand or just the fingers and has three different massage settings of increasing pressure. It also has a hand-warming option (I assume operated by the crispy bacon button) to help keep your muscles loose and your trigger finger nimble. Am I going to blame it for not doing a good enough job every time I lose a game? Otherwise, what’s the point of buying one?

So, will the Hand Massager actually give you a competitive gaming edge? That’s debatable. I mean it’s not going to make up for lack of skill, that’s for sure, which is a shame because that’s definitely what I’m lacking. I’ve never even finished in the top 90 of a 100 person battle royale before. The kids in those chatrooms – they say horrible things to me.

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