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The LOAFA: A Sofa That Looks Like It’s Made Out of Bread

 |  |  |  |  |  January 18, 2022

By hite

Clearly designed with deliciousness in mind, the LOAFA is the brainchild of rapper TOMM¥ €A$H in collaboration with artist Gab Bois and, allegedly, IKEA. Tommy recently took to Instagram to claim that IKEA told him if his post reached 10,000 comments, they’d make a limited run of the LOAFA. The post blew through that goal, so will we actually see the LOAFA reach production? Well, I didn’t just buy 80 pounds of butter and the world’s largest toaster, hoping it doesn’t.

I assume the production model would be constructed of cushions printed with a realistic bread finish. Or, who knows, maybe they’ll make them out of actual bread. I mean, who doesn’t want a rat problem? Still, I think we can agree it would make the perfect sofa for loafing around on a lazy weekend afternoon. It would also make the perfect sofa for trying to eat when you want a snack but don’t feel like getting up. We’ve all been there. Shoot, I live there.

But does it smell like bread? And where’s the deli meat ottoman and cheese wedge coffee table? Because if we’re going in with a bread sofa, I want to go ALL IN with a complete sandwich-themed living room set. Fingers crossed, they start giving them away as prizes on The Price Is Right!

[via Hypebeast]