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Liquid-Filled Eyeglasses Automatically Adjust Focus: Bye Bye Bifocals!

 |  |  |  |  |  February 19, 2022

By hite

Have 20/20 vision? That must be nice. My eyes are awful, and if they were any worse I’d be wearing dual eye patches right now. But here to push the envelope in vision correction is University of Utah electrical engineering professor Carlos Mastrangelo and Ph.D. student Mohit Karkanis, who are developing a pair of “smart” eyeglasses that automatically adjust their focus to the distance of whatever a wearer is looking at.

The lenses consist of a thin window that clear glycerine can be pumped in or out to change their shape and adjust focus based on the distance an object is from the wearer’s face. That data is gathered by a distance sensor, and a processor (both housed in the glass’s thick arms) makes the necessary changes in glycerine volume in the lenses. Goodbye, bifocals! Or, in my case, goodbye quadfocals!

This is definitely a fascinating use of technology and all, but I think I speak for everyone here when I say but where are the x-ray glasses? I mean I thought this was supposed to be the future, I should be able to spot winning lotto scratchers without actually having to buy and scratch them first.