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Finally, The Hot Sauce for Coffee We All Haven’t Been Waiting For

 |  |  |  |  |  March 15, 2022

By hite

Because apparently the best part of waking up is hot sauce in your cup, Lauren D’Souza has formulated the Ujjo line of hot sauces designed specifically for adding to coffee. What a time to be alive! But regular coffee already makes me need to go to the bathroom bad enough.

Available in light roast and dark roast blends, the Ujjo light roast formula combines ginger, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, and dried orange peel with pasilla, cayenne, chili de arbol, and ghost chilis for heat. The dark blend is a combination of cinnamon, cocoa, and vanilla with ground pasilla, guajillo, red hatch, ghost chili peppers to kick it up a notch. Yum! And by yum, I mean my stomach is churning just thinking about it.

Hey, different strokes for different folks – that’s what my favorite substitute teacher Mrs. Gitland used to tell us all in high school. Maybe hot sauce coffee is for you, or maybe it isn’t. One this is for sure, though; it’s definitely a conversation starter. That conversation presumably started with, “Quick, where’s your bathroom?!”

[via DudeIWantThat]