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The Knuckle Duster Axe: A Deadly Brass Knuckles/Axe Mashup Weapon

 |  |  |  |  |  March 31, 2022

By hite

What would make brass knuckles even more dangerous? If you added an axe! And that’s exactly what Etsy store TheExoticBladesShop did with this bearded axe/brass knuckle combo weapon. According to the store, it’s “a great bridesmaids gift, gift for brother, or gift for father,” but I suspect it’s an even greater gift for getting arrested.

The entirely hand-crafted axe features a high-carbon, high-chromium steel blade, wooden handle, and integrated spiked knuckle dusters. I’d like to think this is more of a display/conversation piece than something somebody would actually buy and use, but you have to remember: Florida Man exists.

Yeah, I’d rather not have to explain what I’m doing with an axe/brass knuckles combo weapon when the cops show up. And trust me, if you own an axe/brass knuckles mashup, the cops WILL be showing up. Apparently same goes for if you own a fireworks cannon. This is my property; I can do what I want!

[via DudeIWantThat]