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This Anti-Glare Umbrella for Smartphones Is a Real Product That Exists

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | April 5, 2022

Because if you make it, somebody, somewhere, is going to buy it, VIVOUNITY has created the Phone Umbrella Suction Cup Stand (affiliate link), a device that acts as both a smartphone sunshade as well as a stand. Wow, what will they think of next? Hopefully, something more practical and less ridiculous looking.

The silicone suction cup stand was designed to look like a little pig (the one that went to market or stayed home?), and the umbrella slides between its buttcheeks to prevent glare and/or unwanted eyes and judgment while you lose at Wordle. Me? If I don’t guess Wordle on the first guess, I just close the window. I’m a perfectionist. Also, I’m terrible at word games.

The umbrella is available in a variety of different colors and patterns to ensure you’re able to recognize your phone after the wind catches the umbrella and blows it down the street. Or to Oz. You just better hope it doesn’t land on a wicked witch, or her sister is going to come after you with her flying monkeys. Trust me; I’ve seen movies. Mostly scrambled ones on Cinemax! Please don’t tell my parents.

[via DudeIWantThat]