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Limited Edition Sneakers with Detachable Mullets: Party in the Back!

 |  |  |  |  |  |  April 10, 2022

By hite

Because there’s a market for absolutely everything, including sneakers with detachable mullets, Volley of Australia is releasing the $85 Heritage High Mullet Edition, a sports sneaker with detachable Velcro mullets on the heel of each shoe. I can already see myself dragging those mullets through the mud, then sticking them in my own hair because I’m a wild animal.

And as if the shoes themselves weren’t enough to elicit an automatic purchase response, 100% of profits from sales will go towards Mullets for Mental Health, which raises money for mental health research. Cool shoes and a good cause – it’s a win/win!

I just bought two pairs: one to wear and one to keep mint in the box because these are obviously going to be a collector’s item one day. Or – and this has happened to me before – worth even less as time goes on. I’m a terrible investor. I may not have bought any Bitcoin when it was just pennies, but I do have a storage unit full of knock-off Beanie Babies I can’t seem to get rid of.

[via Pedestrian]