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DC Superhero Wedding Bands: Say I Do to Superpowers

 |  |  |  |  |  |  April 28, 2022

By hite

Because you can’t even get married today without getting superheroes involved, ring maker Manly Bands has teamed up with DC Comics to produce The DC Collection, a line of superhero-themed wedding bands. Currently available rings include The Wonder Woman, The Superman, The Bruce Wayne, The Joker, The Flash, and The Aquaman. That’s one for each finger if you have six fingers like the man who killed Inigo Montoya’s father! Details about each ring are below.

  • The Wonder Woman, $995: Cobalt Chrome with 1mm 14K Yellow Gold Inlay, .5mm Blue Cerakote Inlays, Red Cerakote Sleeve, and Wonder Woman Logo Engraving
  • The Superman, $595: Cobalt Chrome with 2mm Blue Cerakote Inlay, Red Cerakote Sleeve, and Superman Logo Engraving
  • The Bruce Wayne, $2,395: Black Zirconium (charcoal gray color) with .02 Black Diamonds and Batman Logo Engraving
  • The Joker, $995: Black Zirconium (charcoal gray color) with 3mm Damascus Steel Inlay, 1mm Green Cerakote Inlays, Purple Cerakote Sleeve, and Joker Laugh Engraving

  • The Flash, $2,195: Black Zirconium (charcoal gray color) with 1mm Asymmetrical Red Cerakote Inlay, Solid 14K Yellow Gold Sleeve, and Flash Logo Engraving
  • The Aquaman, $795: Black Zirconium (charcoal gray color) with 3mm Abalone Shell Inlay, Green Cerakote Sleeve, and Aquaman Logo Engraving

So, which is your favorite? I thought they were all pretty cool, but I’m really holding out for a Swamp Thing band made out of green organic matter! How cool would that be? I just feel like no other superhero quite captures my essence than a monster who lives in a swamp and doesn’t want people messing with it. My wife, I tell you — she’s one lucky lady for sure.

[via Neatorama]