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LEGO Fairgrounds Collection Loop Coaster: Just Take My Money

 |  |  |  |  June 8, 2022

By hite

LEGO has just announced a 3,756 Loop Coaster build set as part of its LEGO Fairgrounds Collection. The $400 set includes a gravity-driven roller coaster complete with one train, a boarding station with opening and closing gates, a control panel, and an elevator for the train to return to the top of the ride. I can’t wait to build it! Probably incorrectly, with a bunch of important pieces left over.

The set can be upgraded with an electric motor so you don’t have to crank the train back to the top yourself. That’s a great addition for someone who hates cranking, like myself. Thank God I don’t have to draw up buckets of water from a well at home, or I’d probably be chronically dehydrated.

Did I just add the set to my birthday list? Of course I did. Will I get it? Of course I won’t. But that won’t stop a man from dreaming. You want to know what I got for my birthday last month? Nothing. Turns out my so called “friends and family” refuse to honor me changing my birthday so I can celebrate one every month. And they pretend to love me!

[via TechEBlog]