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These Dice Are Made from Civet Poop Coffee Beans

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | June 27, 2022

Kopi Luwak coffee is made from beans that have passed through the digestive system of the Asian palm civet and been pooped out, where they’re collected to make the world’s most expensive coffee. And now you can own dice made with the beans that once briefly passed through a small mammal’s butt! What a time to be alive and a tabletop gamer!

Kopi Luwak Civet Poop Dice are handcrafted by Artisan Dice, and each features real kopi luwak coffee beans that have been collected from the fecal matter of civets. Of course, they’ve been thoroughly cleaned first because nobody wants to roll crappy dice.

A single D20 will set you back $54, or you can get a complete 10-piece polyhedral set for $237. So they’re not the cheapest dice, but neither is the coffee. And can you really put a price on dice that were once poop? I would argue not, and I would be 100% correct.