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IV Drip Automatic Plant Waterer: Intensive Plant Care

 |  |  |  July 10, 2022

By hite

Because plant care is tricky for some people, FireBox is selling this Mini Plant Life Support system, an IV drip bag that automatically waters your plant so you don’t accidentally kill them with neglect. Nurse – 50ccs of TLC, STAT! Personally, I don’t need this, because I have a green thumb. Well, two green thumbs. And mostly green arms. Spray paint accident.

You just fill the IV bag with water and hang it, stick the tube below soil level, and presto, it keeps the soil moist but not too wet without any intervention on your part. Of course, you will have to refill the bag once it’s empty. This isn’t exactly a medical miracle, after all.

Alternatively, monitor your plana’s soil and water it as needed. Besides, some plants don’t like their soil moist all the time and actually need to dry out between waterings. Those plants are called succulents and actually thrive on neglect.