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Harry Potter LED Candle with Wand Remote: Incendio!

Written by Jonathan Berisford | July 12, 2022

Because who doesn’t like make-believing they can do magic, FireBox is selling this Harry Potter Candle With Wand Remote. The candle features the Hogwarts insignia embossed on the front, and a touch of the wand’s button turns its LED on or off. Now, if I just get them drunk enough, maybe my family will be convinced I really am the wizard I pretend to be.

The 5.5″ candle is powered by 5 AAA batteries. In the product description, they suggest yelling “Lumos!” while flicking the wand at the candle for effect, but that’s the wand-lighting spell that makes the tip of your wand glow; I feel like “Incendio!” would be much more appropriate here. Plus, it sounds way more menacing.

You know, I actually bought one of those magic wand television remotes before in an attempt to convince my family I could do magic, but I couldn’t get it to pair with my television, so there was a lot of pointing and laughing at that particular magic show. Needless to say, convincing them with this candle is going to be an uphill battle.