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Modder Runs DOOM on Electronic Badge from ElectroMagnetic Field Festival

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | July 28, 2022

Because there’s a festival for everything, programmer Phil Ashby went and took an electronic badge from the 2022 ElectroMagnetic Field Festival (aka EMF Camp) and got it to run DOOM. I am not surprised. I also won’t be surprised when somebody manages to run DOOM on my Casio watch; it’s simply the natural progression of things.

The badge, which is powered by “a dual-core 32bit Xtensa MCU, 8MB of RAM, and 8MB of flash storage,” also features a tiny display, perfect for those pixelated DOOM graphics. It’s hard to believe the game was so cutting edge back in 1993 when it came out. We’ve come so far! I mean, in some areas, in others, it feels like we’re going backward.

What’s next, running DOOM on objects that aren’t even electronic? Now that will be true technological progress. Just imagine – playing DOOM on a book! It may sound far-fetched, but that’s because I’m still gassed up from the dentist this morning. Thank God my wife drove.

[via TechEBlog]