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Omega Mart’s Claw Machine Is Filled With Unwrapped Butter

 |  |  |  |  July 29, 2022

By hite

Art collective Meow Wolf’s immersive art exhibit Omega Mart in Las Vegas is full of surprises, and new to the store’s lineup of WTF-ery comes Butter Frenzy 2 – a claw machine full of unwrapped sticks of butter you can win. You know, I was just thinking the other day how great it would feel to win a loose stick of butter in an arcade game! Wait, no – no, I wasn’t.

The machine plays like any other claw machine, except instead of trying to grab a stuffed animal, you’re trying to grab sticks of soft, room-temperature butter. Fun AND delicious! Of course, the way the claw appears to cut through the butter will certainly prove a true test of skill. If you can manage to win a warm stick of butter out of a claw machine, you should have absolutely no problem with Pokémon plushies.

What’s next, claw machines filled with flour, eggs, and sugar? Hopefully, otherwise how else am I supposed to win all the ingredients I need to make cookies? And just imagine how rewarding those cookies will taste! Probably as rewarding as cookies can that were made with almost no flour, eggs, or sugar.

[via BoingBoing]