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Leather Gas Can Bag: High Octane Fashion

 |  |  |  |  August 7, 2022

By hite

Who hasn’t dreamed of walking down the side of the road and motorists stopping to ask if you need a lift to the gas station and you explaining the gas can you’re carrying is actually a leather bag? Etsy shop krukrustudio is selling these large leather purses that resemble old military-style gas cans. “Well, it’s about time somebody did it,” I thought to myself when I first saw them.

The bags are available in thirteen different dyed leather colors, so there’s sure to be one to match your outfit, especially if that outfit is an oil-stained mechanic’s jumpsuit. Of course, red is probably the best choice as far as realism goes. But how many gallons does it hold? Will gasoline pour out from its zipper or seep out of the leather?

The bags sell for $180, making it significantly cheaper to carry an actual gas can full of gasoline. Sure, this thing might not have the practical carrying capacity of a leather bag, but what better way to show up at a party with five gallons of warm beer?