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Own Your Own Giant 44″ LED Wall Clock

 |  |  |  |  |  August 23, 2022

By hite

Seen in school gymnasiums the world over, this giant digital wall clock is the perfect addition to an aging parent’s home to accompany their large-button television remote and home telephone. Available from CreativeClock and BigTimeClocks (and I thought you had to be a public school system to buy these!), the clock measures a very respectable 44″W x 26″H, with 15″ tall numbers, so even grandma should be able to read it with minimal squinting.

I remember in middle school, every classroom had a clock just like this (albeit smaller) above the blackboard. I always stared at it, wondering why the minutes went by so slowly. I was convinced they actually slowed the clocks in school to torture me more. I’m still not convinced they didn’t.

Why do you need a giant digital clock that you can read from 350 feet away? Beats me, but it’s available, so better to buy now and figure out a use for it later. That’s my motto. That’s also why I have a garage full of products I don’t use and probably shouldn’t have bought.