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Human Body and Skeleton Shaped Fishing Lures

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | September 8, 2022

Presumably designed to allow fish to exact their revenge on humans for countless fish fries and polluting their waterways, David Maher of Citizen Bones Fishing Co has created a line of Humanoid and Skeletal Fishing Lures. Each is handmade in the shape of a person, complete with another traditional lure inside in case the fish don’t feel like biting people today.

Each 3″ human or skeletal lure comes from a professionally engineered CNC mold and is sure to catch a fish’s attention. “What the heck are those dry-landers tossing in here now?” I imagine the fish thinking to themselves while watching an admittedly appetizing-looking skeleton dance in the water. “I have to bite it.”

As seen in the video below, the human lures actually have a surprisingly enticing movement in the water. Now I’m not saying that I’d bite one myself, but can you help me remove this hook from my lip? No clue how it got there.

[via DudeIWantThat]