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The MelGeek Pixel, A LEGO-Compatible Computer Keyboard

 |  |  |  |  September 13, 2022

By hite

The MelGeek Pixel, at least according to the company that makes it, is the world’s first LEGO-compatible keyboard. And I’m inclined to believe them. Mainly because who would have thought to make a LEGO-compatible keyboard? I don’t want painful stud imprints on my hands and arms all day; I’m trying to type here.

The $199 keyboard (early-bird special, retail $269) features a fully customizable front and back with hot-swappable keys, RGB Lights, and both wired and wireless modes. Get creative with your building! Build so much stuff on your keyboard that you can’t even type anymore, then blame it for your low work productivity. That’s what I plan to do. Yes, I know I didn’t meet my deadline, but there was a LEGO spaceship in the way.

Just what I need on my desk, another distraction to keep me from getting my work done. Not that my work was going to get done anyways because of all the other distractions, but still, here’s another one. I only wish they made a LEGO-compatible mouse and monitor too.

[via Gizmodo]