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Barbie and Ken Doll in Boxes Couples’ Halloween Costume

 |  |  |  |  |  September 21, 2022

By hite

With all the excitement surrounding the upcoming Barbie movie (no? Just me?), it only makes sense someone would cash in on the craze with a Barbie and Ken couples’ Halloween costume. Officially licensed by Rasta Imposta and available on Amazon (affiliate link), the costume includes two giant doll toy boxes for your and your significant other (or a friend) to get inside and become the iconic couple.

There’s also a set that includes a vintage Barbie box costume if that’s more your cup of tea. But please note the costumes ONLY include the toy boxes, you’re on your own to find the perfect outfit to wear inside. Get creative! Also, buy an ’80s Corvette and spray paint it pink to really complete the look. Just don’t try to drive with your costume on.

My wife already told me I can’t be a Ninja Turtle again this year (I beg to differ), and we should consider a couples costume for once. She suggested characters from Stranger Things. I suggested a Michelangelo and April O’Neil, but, knowing her, when Halloween rolls around we’ll be Joyce Byers and Jim Hopper, despite my insistence I should really be a Demogorgon instead.

[via DudeIWantThat]