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Google Japan Makes 5-Foot Long Keyboard with All Its Keys in a Single Row

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | October 5, 2022

Because when it comes to computing, there’s always room for unimprovement, Google Japan has created a 5.4-foot long keyboard with all the keys in a single row. Presumably inspired by the dancing piano keyboard scene from Big, its creators say the keyboard prevents having to look in every direction for the key you need since it can only be left or right and not up or down. Of course, you may still need a yardstick to reach it.

I learned how to touch type in high school, and it’s hands-down been one of the most useful skills I ever learned. As a matter of fact, it may be the only useful skill I learned in high school. I mean, besides, how to entertain myself in detention. Now I’m never bored.

I don’t think Google is actually going to produce the keyboard for sale, presumably because it’s a ridiculously bad idea. You need any more bad ideas, Google? Hire me; I’m full of them. Here’s a freebie: a 12-pound computer mouse that can only be moved incrementally for extreme precision.

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