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Brisket Flavored Candy Canes: Meaty Goodness

 |  |  |  |  December 5, 2022

By hite

Because nothing quite says Merry Christmas like meat-flavored candy canes (wait, that can’t be right), Archie McPhee has added yet another unusual flavor to its line of unusual candy canes, this time with brisket-flavored sugar sticks. Yum! And by ‘Yum!’ I mean ‘Yum?’

A box of six canes will set you back $6.95. Not into brisket? No worries, Archie McPhee also sells hot dog and pizza-flavored candy canes for those looking for a less traditional holiday meal this year. My typical Christmas Eve meal? The cookies we were supposed to be leaving out for Santa. To my credit, though, I do leave the carrots for his reindeer untouched.

Whatever the flavor, I’m just going to sharpen the end into a point to poke my brother in the leg under the dinner table. It’s a Christmas Eve tradition. Then we get in a huge fight, and there aren’t any presents underneath the tree from Santa the next morning, the end.