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Giant Cheetos Body Pillow Thankfully Won’t Stain Your Clothes Orange

 |  |  |  |  |  December 20, 2022

By hite

Because there’s a market for absolutely everything, the Cheetos Body Pillow is a neck/body pillow in the form of a giant Cheetos Puff. Unfortunately, it is not Cheetos scented, which is a misstep in product design if you ask me. Forgoing the addition of Cheetos dust was probably a smart decision though, despite what I would have suggested.

The body pillow is sold in a $50 bundle that includes a 3.25-ounce bag of Cheetos Crunchy sticks as well. Why they decided to include the Crunchy sticks and not the Puffs is beyond me, considering the body pillow IS a giant Puff. Does Frito-Lay need me to take over its entire marketing department, or what?

You probably already suspected it as much, but this is going to be my new neck pillow whenever I fly. Will it spill over into the seat of my wife sitting next to me? Probably. Will she complain to a flight attendant? Knowing her, absolutely. She did the same thing the last time I took her peanuts!