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Chocolate Covered Scorpions: A Snack with a Sting

 |  |  |  |  |  December 27, 2022

By hite

Scorpion: I’ve never eaten one, and I’m perfectly fine with that. Actually, I prefer it that way. But for those of you who have to try every culinary oddity earth has to offer, Hotlix is selling these Chocolate Dessert Scorpions (affiliate link). They’re real scorpions that have been dipped in chocolate for you to eat. Or, more than likely, a friend to eat after betting them $20. Just to be clear, though, if they’re anything like my friends, you will be out $20.

Would you eat one? I’m on the fence about it. I do like chocolate; I’m just not sure that I’d like scorpion. Of course, it’s probably so drenched in chocolate that you don’t even taste the scorpion; you only notice the texture of the scorpion, which is probably the worst part. That and getting pieces of leg or the stinger stuck between your teeth. Especially right before a date. Oh, that? Probably just a bit of scorpion tail.

[via DudeIWantThat]