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Rocket-Shaped Quadrocopter Sets New Speed Record

 |  |  |  |  January 18, 2023

By hite

Built by Ryan Lademann and his team, a rocket-shaped quadrocopter recently set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest ground speed of a battery-powered RC quadrocopter, hitting a max speed of 257.25 MPH and an average speed (used for the record) of 224 MPH. That’s fast! Could you imagine if food delivery drones were this fast? Every menu item would just be a deconstructed version of itself by the time it got to you.

The world record isn’t measured by max speed, rather, an average is calculated from two different runs in opposite directions (to negate the wind’s influence), and that’s the world record speed. For reference, the quadrocopter I got for Christmas briefly hit about 20 MPH right before hitting the ceiling fan and being rendered inoperable.

The quadrocopter takes off vertically (like a rocket), then turns sideways when it’s ready to start setting speed records. Should they have painted ACME on the side of the rocket and attached a little Wile E. Coyote figure for added fun? Of course, they should have. Come on, Ryan, what were you thinking?

[via TechEBlog]