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Is That an Octopus Sticking Out of Your Ear?

 |  |  |  |  |  |  January 25, 2023

By hite

Want to draw attention to your ears? Just add one of these glass octopus tentacles crafted by Japanese glass artist Genki Hirano. The tentacles, created for a sea life-themed design festival, are sure to be a conversation piece. Personally, I try to draw as little attention to my ears as possible, on account of them already being unusually large and sticking out like the stop sign on the side of a school bus when it’s dropping kids off, but to each their own.

Unfortunately, for anybody interested in Hirano’s fancy glass versions, they were only available for sale at a festival. Fortunately for anyone okay wearing cheap plastic versions, Hirano has teamed up with toy makers to offer plastic gashapon versions in vending machines all over Japan for around 400 yen (~$4). Admittedly, I bet the glass versions were significantly more expensive and much more likely to break if they fell out of your ear.

But does it sound like the ocean when you’re wearing one? I doubt it. It probably just sounds like it’s hard to hear anything out of that ear. Now somebody just needs to make a version that attaches to wireless headphone earbuds, and you’ve got yourself a real money maker! Just don’t hold me to that if you end up with a storage unit full of unsold octopus tentacle earbud attachments.

[via Neatorama]