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Man Builds Awesome Three Screen Laptop Display

 |  |  |  |  |  February 9, 2023

By hite

Because screen real estate is one of the most affordable forms of real estate these days, YouTuber DIY Perks took it upon himself to build a triple-screen laptop display that combines both form AND function, nearly doubling his viewable area in the process. The unit includes all the workings of a laptop except a keyboard, which you have to connect wirelessly. I still want it.

Using two retina display iPad screens (which in portrait orientation match the height of a 15″ laptop screen), DIY Perks was able to 3D print a custom case to allow for the two additional folding screens and doesn’t just look like an old Dell with two screens dangling from it by duct tape like my own version does.

He also adds folding legs to the case so that it can stand at eye level for more ergonomic use. A nice touch if you care about your neck and back. Me? My back stopped doing me any favors a long time ago, so why should I care about it now? “Haha, take THIS!” I yell in my mind before falling asleep on the sofa again.