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Watch a Robot Clean an Entire Bathroom Itself

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | February 26, 2023

Created by SOMATIC, this commercial bathroom cleaning robot is capable of spraying and disinfecting all bathroom surfaces using an on-board industrial robotic arm. After spraying surfaces (e.g. mirrors, sinks, urinals and commodes), it then blasts them with an air jet to dry them. It can also clean and vacuum-squeegee the floor. That’s cool, but can it remove my phone number from bathroom stalls?

In the video below, the robot goes through the entire process of cleaning several different bathrooms, constantly exchanging its working tip from sprayer to blower to vacuum for the task at hand. Impressive. But let’s say, hypothetically, the office cat missed the litter box in the bathroom and left a #2 on the floor. What’s proper robotic procedure then?

SOMATIC bathroom cleaning robots are available for no money down and $1,000 a month for use 8 hours a day. You just have to provide water and electricity access. A tempting offer, but my wife and I already argue enough over who’s hogging the bathroom, the last thing we need is to bring a robot into the mix.