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DNA Double Helix Plant Trellis: Green Thumb Genes

 |  |  |  |  |  February 28, 2023

By hite

Inspired by the double helix shape of the DNA responsible for all living organisms, this is the the DNA Trellis from Etsy shop ThePlantyPrint. It features a strand of 3D-printed deoxyribonucleic acid designed to keep your climbing plants climbing upward instead of just falling over. Or, in my case, dying from under or overwatering. Plants are tricky because they can’t just come out and tell you what they need.

The trellises measure 9.5″ x 2.25″ and come in four colors: rose, white, bronze, and gunmetal. The base pairs (ladder rungs) don’t reach all the way across the ladder, allowing you to thread your growing plants through them and readjust if necessary without damaging them. That’s definitely a plus because my plants need every advantage they can get.

I joke about not being very good with plants, but the truth is I was born with a naturally green thumb. It’s actually my wife that does all the plant killing. She’s forgetful and waters all plants with the frequency of desert cacti. Just please don’t tell her I said that.