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Cup Noodles Cat Bed Is a Cat Nap Made in Heaven

 |  |  |  |  March 14, 2023

By hite

Designed to look like a Japanese bowl of instant ramen, the Soup Cat Bed available from Happy & Polly features a luxuriously soft interior, complete with a bottom cushion printed with noodles and egg and a velcro topper for keeping maximum warmth inside. Now I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind a human-sized version for myself.

The exterior is printed with a traditional-looking cup noodle style exterior (not actual Cup Noodles, though because that would involve licensing, and why pay for what you don’t have to?), making it the perfect addition to your Japanese snack-themed living room. I mean, you do already have a Pocky stick coffee table, don’t you?

Am I going to buy one? Well, based on the way my cats are meowing, I’m afraid I don’t have much choice. From the sound of things, it’s either I buy a cup noodles cat bed or get woken up at 5 AM every morning to any part of my body not under the covers getting pawed at. It’s really a small price to pay when you think about it.