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A Ring That Can Run Doom: It Was Only a Matter Of Time

 |  |  |  |  |  March 22, 2023

By hite

In the never-ending quest to run the PC classic video game Doom on absolutely everything, YouTuber James ‘Ancient’ Brown managed to get the game playing on wearable ring. We’ve come so far. Perhaps too far, but there’s no turning back now. Next stop, playing Doom on the inside of my eyelids.

The version of the game being run is RP2040 Doom (designed to be run on a Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040) that’s been modified to generate grayscale graphics. It runs on a tiny printed circuit board James cracked along 4 score lines to wrap into a ring shape. According to James, “I wanted to see if this was a useable technique. It isn’t. The result was very fragile, and I lost the connections to the capacitive pads and USB port during encapsulation.” That is unfortunate.

Do I wish I could go back in time and propose to my wife with a Doom engagement ring? A little bit. Of course, if I had a time machine, I wouldn’t use it to make a Doom ring but steal the Hope Diamond before high-tech security equipment was invented.

[via TechEBlog]