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Stratocaster Electric Guitar Scissors: Perfect for Shredding

 |  |  |  |  April 6, 2023

By hite

Inspired by the classic look of a Stratocaster, these electric guitar scissors on Amazon (affiliate link) are crafted in Seki, Japan, an area known for its high-quality cutlery, so you know they’re sharp. That’s good, too, because I’m tired of cutting with a pair of dull guitar scissors. There’s nothing less metal than just ripping the paper you’re trying to cut. Although, now that I actually think about it, that is pretty metal. Paper cuts that bleed too!

Available in metallic blue, black, and red (white is also pictured but not available on Amazon), these scissors are the perfect gift for the guitarist on your gift list. Is that guitarist you? Treat yourself! I always buy myself the best presents.

The scissors include a guitar head cap so you can’t accidentally stab yourself while not in use (I warned you, they’re sharp) and a stand so you can proudly display your scissors just like you would a real guitar. Plus, you can pretend to play it like a miniature air guitar if you get bored at work. That’s what I plan on doing, plus fashioning a bunch of groupies out of paper clips and Post-Its to watch me perform.