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Halo Kart: A Halo x Mario Kart Mashup Mod

 |  |  |  |  |  April 26, 2023

By hite

Based on the Cursed Halo Again mod created by Steam user and modder InfernoPlus, Cursed Halo Kart is a combination of Halo and Mario Kart, where players race around the track in Warthogs, trying to kill each other and win the race. But mostly just trying to kill each other.

The race tracks are based on real tracks from the Mario Kart franchise, while everything else is predominately Halo. I especially like the ability to exit your vehicle and stand on the track to attack players driving by. That’s what I would do right at the finish line. Oh, you thought you were going to win? Think again! I don’t even care if I don’t win; causing havoc is victory enough for me.

If you’re interested in playing the game yourself, you can download the mod on Steam, you just need to have The Master Chief Collection installed and both the Halo 1 Campaign and Halo 1 Multiplayer downloaded. Then you can let the fun begin! I want to play, but I’m not sure this old computer can handle running Halo. Even the original Lemmings brings my OS to a standstill.

[via TechEBlog]