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Finally, Pineapple Pizza and Hot Dog Scented Candles

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | June 9, 2023

Part of DW Home’s Signature Snack Shack collection of scents, these pineapple pizza and hot dog candles are the perfect scents to make me hungry even after I’ve already eaten dinner. There’s always room for another hot dog – that’s my motto.

According to the official fragrance profiles, pineapple pizza “Smells like pizza! Pineapple adds a sweet and tangy aroma that compliments savory tomato sauce, cheese, and spice.” The hot dog is “A distinctly savory fragrance with subtle notes of smokiness that is both appetizing and recognizable.” Yum! I’m not above eating a couple of cold hot dogs for breakfast, just to be clear.

But what’s for dessert? I’m glad you asked because the collection also includes waffle cone and chocolate-dipped banana scents. You know, for when you’ve had enough of the main course and are ready to settle down with something sweet. Burn all four at once for a true scent smorgasbord!