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Breathing and Sweating Humanoid Robot Tests Extreme Heat Effects on Humans

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | June 12, 2023

Developed by a team of researchers at Arizona State University, ANDI is a walking, breathing, and sweating humanoid robot designed to test the effects of extreme heat on actual humans. That’s cool, but for twenty bucks, I’ll let you attach all the sensors you want to me while I sit in the sauna for two hours.

ANDI “can mimic the thermal functions of the human body and has 35 different surface areas that are all individually controlled with temperature sensors, heat flux sensors and pores that bead sweat.” The robot sweats, generates heat, shivers, walks, and breathes. But why does it look like a prototype for a human tear-harvesting machine?

As global temperatures rise over the coming decades, ANDI is helping to better understand the effects of heat stress on the human body. With the data gathered, the development of new products that reduce heat’s detrimental impact on humans could aid in preventing future deaths. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? If it’s air-conditioned pants, you are!

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