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Mohawk Head Lollipop Holder: Punk Pops

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | June 14, 2023

Filed under products I had no idea there was a market for, or I would have been manufacturing them myself already, the Mohawk Lollipop Holder from Jonathan Adler is a $127 ceramic head with a mohawk hairstyle and holes in the top to hold lollipops. Wow, just when you’ve seen it all – a mohawk head lollipop holder. These truly are exciting times we’re living in.

Where do you put a mohawk head lollipop holder? Wherever you need quick access to lollipops! Sure, I currently use a desk drawer, but that’s just me, and I like to keep my candy hidden from my thieving coworkers. Sugar fiends, every last one of them.

Not a fan of lollipops? No worries, the head could also be used for holding kabobs! Chicken and vegetables for me, please. Just be sure to eat them in a timely manner, or you will attract insects and/or severe stomach pain.