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Man Builds Walking AT-AT Robot Based On The Hasbro Toy

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | June 20, 2023

Dissatisfied with how the original toy just stands there, not doing anything, engineer James Bruton decided to build himself a walking robotic version of a Hasbro AT-AT toy. Wow, if this had existed when I was a kid, maybe I actually would have been good one year, hoping Santa would bring me one. It didn’t, though, so I was consistently terrible.

After designing the robot with CAD modeling software as close to the original toy’s size and shape as he could, James 3D printed all of the necessary pieces to assemble his robot. Then came the fun part – making it move. An Arduino Mega 2560 controls three servos for each leg: one in the upper leg, one in the lower, and one at the hip. The entire thing can be controlled via a DSM radio receiver so that he can make the robot advance on the defenders of Hoth’s Echo Base. You’re going down, rebels!

Of course, it’s all fun and crushing games for an AT-AT until Luke Skywalker comes along in his snowspeeder and power harpoons a tow cable around your legs. And then what? Exactly, you’re eating snow. And hopefully, none of that yellow tauntaun snow, either.

[via TechEBlog]