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Thermonator: A Robot Dog with a Flamethrower

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | June 26, 2023

Because bad ideas come in all shapes and danger levels, the folks at Throwflame have attached one of their electric ARC flamethrowers to the back of a Unitree Go1 quadruped robot (think a poor man’s Boston Dynamics Spot) to create the Thermonator. I think we can all agree this will not end well. At least not for humanity, anyways.


The robot can operate autonomously for navigation or be guided by a wireless controller. The flamethrower gets about 45 minutes of use with a full tank of gasoline/diesel fuel and a full battery. It’s unclear how much battery life the robot dog will have with its flamethrower payload, although I suspect more than enough to put a worried look on Smokey The Bear’s face.

ThrowFlame’s ARC flamethrower has a reach of about 30 feet – about 30 feet too far for a flamethrower attached to a robotic dog. Robots shouldn’t even be allowed to carry flamethrowers. Or guns. But is that stopping Throwflame from accepting pre-orders for the Thermonator soon? Unfortunately, it is not. I’m afraid I have no choice but to add one to my Christmas list.

[via BoingBoing and Gizmodo]