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Building An Exoskeletal Arm To Always Win At Arm Wrestling

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | July 2, 2023

Because who needs muscle when you can build machines, engineer Allen Pan went and built himself an exoskeletal arm to beat people at arm wrestling. The arm is actually pretty simple, using a steel frame and winch motor to pull a cable. It certainly does the trick, though.

Allen first tests the arm on Tony Thomlinson, the California left-handed arm wrestling champion, who, after being defeated, assures Allen he’ll be able to win against anybody. Allen then takes his new arm and heads down to Muscle Beach in Santa Monica to offer $100 to anybody who could beat him. He defeats numerous opponents until the cable gets caught up during a match, and, on the next one against an actual arm wrestling league member, blows a fuse and is beaten.

Am I going to build a similar arm? Yes, I’ll need to be able to hide it under a long sleeve t-shirt because if anybody catches me cheating, I fear for my life. I mean, have you seen the arms on these arm wrestlers?! They’re definitely not something you want to get punched in the face with.

[via The Awesomer]