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18-Inch Ninja Sword Ice Cream Bar: Dangerously Delicious

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | July 6, 2023

Created and sold by the ninja themed entertainment cafe Ninja Cafe Takayama in Gifu Prefecture, the Ninjato Ice is a 45cm (17.7″) ice cream bar in the form of a single-edged ninja sword. But what flavor is it? And will it cut my tongue while I’m eating it?

The ice cream bar costs around $7 and has a blade likely made using starch from the kuzu plant, which has gelling properties that would help such a long bar keep its shape without breaking or rapidly melting. While you’re at the Ninja Cafe you can also partake in their “ninja training”, including trying on ninja costumes, throwing shurikens, using a blowgun, and learning basic sword moves. Fingers crossed I’ll be leaving with a CERTIFIED NINJA certificate.

Do you think the sword pops are available in multiple flavors or just one? And is that flavor the blood of your enemies? Or is it matcha or green tea? Don’t get me wrong, I’d eat any one of them, I’d just like to know before I start licking.

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