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Justice League Character Silicone Rings: No Ring for Green Lantern

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | July 11, 2023

Officially licensed and produced by silicone ring maker Enso Rings, these Justice League character rings make the perfect accessory for letting people know you’re married to the DC Universe. Or that you just love the characters. Available in Batman, Green Lantern, and Superman varieties for $50, the rings are also available in two packs ($80) and 3 packs ($115) so you can better match your outfit. Or so you can wear all three at once, you do you.

The rings are all made from multi-layered silicone with a cutout of the superhero’s emblem, revealing the secondary color below. Available in all whole sizes from 5 to 14, they also all have an iridescent finish for a little extra pop. Unfortunately, they do not grant their wearer any superpowers, a serious oversight on Enso Rings’s part if you ask me. Except for Batman’s, that one shouldn’t grant any superpowers because he doesn’t have any beyond his good looks.

I actually wear a silicone wedding band whenever I’m doing something that I’m worried might lead to my finger being severed by a metal ring, which is always. Better safe than have to relearn how to touch type with nine fingers; that’s my motto.