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Chipotle’s Autocado Robot Can Prep Avocados Twice as Fast as Humans

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | July 14, 2023

Developed in collaboration with robotics firm Vebu Labs, Chipotle is currently testing an automated avocado-prepping robot named Autocado. The robot is capable of peeling, seeding, and halving a case of avocados significantly faster than humans, and the company estimates it could cut its typical 50-minute guacamole prep time in half, just like an avocado! That’s twice the guac in the same amount of time. Now maybe they’ll stop charging so much for it.

Autocado’s bin is filled with a full case of uniformly sized ripe avocados, then an employee selects their size, and the machine does the rest: orienting all the avocados vertically before halving, skinning, and seeding all the fruit, depositing all that green goodness in a bin below. Now I want Mexican for lunch. I mean, I always want Mexican for lunch, but now I really do.

Is the Autocado the future of guacamole prep? Maybe on a large scale, but for the home chef, I imagine we’ll continue doing things the old-fashioned way — all by hand. Besides, it’s the love that makes it taste so good. And, okay, occasionally, a little bit of finger. I keep my knives sharp!

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