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1:2 Scale Alien Xenomorph Model Is 4 Feet Of Terrifying Alien Goodness

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | July 19, 2023

A faithful recreation of the Xenomorph seen in the first Alien movie, this 1:2 scale model from Agora Models stands four feet tall and will make the perfect addition to my foyer to greet me when I come home. Will it double as a coat rack? Maybe!

The finished model contains approximately 600 pieces and features a moving head that turns to follow sounds and scare visitors, as well as a jaw that opens to reveal its inner mouth. It also has an LED-illuminated head to light up the alien’s endocrine system. Creepy! I must have it.

From what I could gather, the model is only available as a monthly subscription, with an individual pack of pieces to assemble being sent every month for a year for $150/month (or for two years at $75/month). That brings the total price of the model to around $1,800. Knowing me, I’d subscribe, get the first two kits, then cancel the credit card that was being billed and be left with nothing but a single alien leg. I’m just being realistic.