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Augmented Reality Space Invaders Smartphone Game: We’re Being Invaded!

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | July 20, 2023

Developed by Taito (the maker of the original Space Invaders game), Space Invaders: World Defense is a 3D augmented reality version of the game you can play by waving your smartphone around in the air trying to blast the aliens invading earth. That’s fun. Also, probably a bit tiring holding your phone up for so long. Couple this with some Pokemon GO and you’ve got yourself a regular workout.

Available for download on iOS devices here and Android devices here, the game pits the player against countless pixelated invaders as they “spawn from buildings and rooftops, hover above you and dodge behind structures.” Wait – they can dodge now? Well the planet is doomed if I’m in charge of leading the attack. I had a hard enough time with the original game, and there were no aliens ducking behind buildings.

Players work together internationally to find new invaders hiding in their area and defeat them, while competing for high scores and the chance to unlock special power-ups. Fingers crossed one of those power-ups is a Death Star superlaser to destroy the planet they’re coming from, because I just don’t see us repelling this invaders otherwise.

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