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Templ8 Custom RPG Game Tables are Works of Art

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | July 23, 2023

Seen here looking more like it belongs in a church than the basement where my friends and I gather for tabletop gaming on Friday nights, this custom-crafted RPG table from Etsy shop DragonTempl8 is sure to take your Dungeons & Dragons sessions to the next level. Is the next level more difficult? Probably, and I’d definitely bring extra mana potions if I were you.

The table features eight individual workstations (seven + the dungeon master), each with its own compartment for dice and cards. There are RGB LEDs for setting the mood as well as main day/night lighting and a fog machine “to intensify the atmosphere.” And what an intense atmosphere that will be! The center contains a 22″ flatscreen television and a steeple with room for custom decorations like character miniatures.

The table is just over 5′ in diameter, 6.5′ tall, and costs around $9,300 depending on the level of customization and freight to your door. So it’s certainly not the cheapest RPG gaming table, but it will be difficult to flip when a party member’s rogue assassin accidentally kills himself trying to remove his poisoned dagger from its sheath.