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Professor Creates Machine That Makes ‘Instant Ice Cream’ In 3 Seconds

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | July 28, 2023

Food science engineer and Cornell University professor Syed Rizvi was recently awarded a patent for the ‘instant ice cream’ machine he invented, which can create the delicious frozen treat from an ice cream mix in just three seconds. I can’t even imagine how much ice cream I’d be eating if I could make at home myself in mere seconds. I shiver at the thought. And not just because ice cream is so cold.

“In the traditional method of making ice cream, the dairy-based mix flows through a heat-exchanging barrel, where ice crystals form and get scraped by blades.

With this new method, highly pressurized carbon dioxide passes over a nozzle that, in turn, creates a vacuum to draw in the liquid ice cream. When carbon dioxide goes from a high pressure to a lower pressure, it cools the mixture to about -70°C, freezing the mixture into ice cream, which jets out of another nozzle into a bowl, ready to eat.”

Syed imagines his invention helping to reduce the need for the long distance “cold chain” transportation of ice cream (which requires ice cream be maintained at -20°C), and the massive amount of energy used during that process. And since the ice cream isn’t traveling far from its origin to my stomach, the addition of undesirable stabilizing and emulsifying ingredients could be eliminated as well. Win/win! So, how much for a personal size instant ice cream machine, and how quickly can you have it installed next to my bed?

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