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Periodic Table Metal Keycaps: Typing Is Elemental

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | July 30, 2023

Because chemistry makes the world go round (okay, that’s actually physics), the Awekeys Element Artisan Keycaps are a set of 16 keyboard keycaps, each made from the element it represents. While 12 of the keys are machined from the metals and CNC engraved, the keys representing the four most expensive metals (gold, platinum, silver, rhodium) are only electroplated with the metal. That’s a shame because I did plan on stealing your gold key and still might.

Each key features the element’s number on the periodic table, its chemical symbol, and atomic mass. They’re also all coated with an antioxidant finish, so they won’t corrode or make your fingers smell. That’s great news because there’s nothing more I hate than my hands smelling like a pocketful of loose change.

Will these keycaps hold up better than regular plastic ones? I hope so because my keys have all but melted between the oils on my fingers and how much typing I do. My wife jokes I might actually be patient zero for some sort of undiscovered industrial solvent.

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